My Policy Priorities 

As a member of the Missouri House of Representatives from the 36th District, I plan to pursue a progressive policy agenda that empowers our community leaders, local businesses, and families.

Teacher Assisting a Student


All children in our state deserve access to the highest quality of education. As a member of the Missouri House of Representatives, I will support:

  • Transforming the educational system through universal Pre-K and free early childcare for working families.

  • Expanding the school meals program, so all our children are happy, healthy, and prepared to learn. 

  • Renovating our aging educational facilities.

  • Promoting teacher retention and performance by investing in higher pay, college loan forgiveness, and home purchasing programs. 

  • I plan to promote a community schools agenda that prioritizes parents, children, school boards, and teachers working together.

Happy Farmer


Over the last forty years, farming bankruptcies have risen constantly across Missouri. Yet, our political establishment has lacked the bold vision to revitalize our farming industry. I will help revitalize the farming industry surrounding Grandview and Kansas City.


  • I will promote agricultural education and farm subsidies to help farmers in our state. 

  • I  plan to implement a sustainable farming program that promotes green technology. If farming communities get access to low-cost green products, they will reduce our carbon footprint and provide nutritious food to our district.

  • I will pass laws that help modernize agricultural technology while protecting the jobs of working farmers. 

  • I plan to promote community farming in urban areas. I believe neighborhood food production and urban agriculture zoning will greatly reduce food deserts and encourage healthier eating habits. Our community should have access to fruit and vegetable production on vacant land.

Kids in Vegetable Farm

Reimagining Criminal Justice

Residents of Kansas City and Grandview agree that the criminal justice system needs to be reformed. I will restructure our public safety budget and craft new transparency laws. 

  • I plan to invest in social programs that promote public safety and end the school-to-prison pipeline. 

  • Ending the school-to-prison pipeline ensures that our young people have economic opportunities. 

  • I will support reimagining our response to public safety calls. We could send social workers in response to nonviolent calls to reduce negative police interactions with the public and free the police to investigate violent crimes.

  • I will support bills that create a community recruitment program that prioritizes hiring residents as new police officers. The recruitment program will restore trust in the police force and increase community engagement. 

  • I will work with attorneys, judges, and law enforcement to reduce racial discrimination in trial sentencing and prison conditions.


Our Infrastructure

​I believe Missouri's infrastructure and public institutions should be the standard for the United States. As a member of the House of Representatives, I will support: 

  • The establishment of universal public wifi in parks and community centers, so all children have access to the internet.

  • An expansion of green energy initiatives to reduce the costs of power and transportation for the average person. 

  • Affordable housing, so working families are not priced out of a post-pandemic economy. 

  • Legislation to establish a universal, single-payer healthcare system.

  • Universal access to mental health services for everyone in our community. 

  • A comprehensive plan to aid people suffering from long-term covid-19 health issues. 

  • A senior-friendly healthcare system that reduces the cost of prescription drugs, hearing aids, and dental services. 

Construction Workers
Store Clerk and Customer with Smile

A Strong Pro-Union


As the son of a union man, I plan to promote quality union jobs, build a strong economy, and protect the right to organize.

  • Our region lost over 100,000 jobs during the pandemic. I believe building back better means ensuring that the majority of those jobs return to unions. 

  • I will fight to ensure state and federal Covid funds are distributed in an equitable, timely, and transparent manner.

  • I will expand our public transportation system. Transportation is the biggest factor in reducing unemployment and poverty in our state.

  • I will promote small businesses throughout the Kansas City metro region. Small businesses make up more than 97 percent of our businesses, but they have struggled during the pandemic. I plan to stimulate job growth by promoting free enterprise through small business grants and loans.